Q:  What exactly is Ballpark BrewBash?

A:  Thanks for asking.  First off, it is awesome!  Ballpark BrewBash is our annual beer festival hosted each September by Consumer’s Beverages and the Buffalo Bisons at Sahlen’s Field in downtown Buffalo, NY. Featuring over fifty (50) breweries from across the country and globe, the festival’s intent is to showcase their finest beers in a fun and inviting atmosphere.  All event goers receive a commemorative tasting glass as well as twenty (20) drink tickets.

Q:  When and where is this super cool festival held?


Q:  What is the address for Coca-Cola Field?

A:  Sahlen’s Field

      One James D. Griffin Plaza

      Buffalo, NY 14202

Q:  What time is the festival?


Q:  Which breweries can I expect to sample at Ballpark Brew Bash?


Q:  How much are tickets and where can I purchase them?


Q:  Do you have any promotions happening with ticket pricing?


Q:  You mentioned the VIP, what exactly do you get for $75.00?


Q:  My wife is pregnant and can’t drink.  Do you offer a “Designated Driver” ticket?

A:  Firstly, congrats on nabbing yourself a 9-month, full-time DD.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  We do offer a “Designated Driver” ticket for $5.00 and it can be purchased the day of the event at the festival entrance.

Q:  What if I want to purchase a VIP ticket and bring a designated driver with me.  How does that work?

A:  Attendees with a VIP ticket can bring a designated driver, but the “VIP Designated Driver Ticket” costs $35.00.  The designated driver will have access to Consumer’s Pub at the Park and the awesome food spread, they just aren’t allowed to drink.  We have a very limited number of these VIP Designated Driver tickets available so if you are in need of one, email service@consumersbeverages.com ASAP.

Q:  I don’t frequent downtown Buffalo all that often.  Where should I park?

A:  There are many surface lots and parking ramps located in very close proximity to the ballpark.  Try Washington, Exchange or Pearl Street.  No matter where you park it should only be a few minute walk.

Q:  What is the best way to stay up-to-date with Ballpark Brew Bash happenings?

A:  We are continually updating our websites here and here and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ConsumersBeer and @BPBrewBash as well as on Facebook.

Q:  What separates your beer festival from all the other ones?

A:  There are many reasons why we feel Ballpark BrewBash is the premier beer festival in the Buffalo/Niagara region.  From the outstanding lineup of over 50 breweries, our unbelievable VIP beer and food lineup, and all while happening at an awesome venue like Sahlen’s Field.  Who doesn’t want to walk the field while sipping a cold brew? You really can’t beat it.  And oh yea, buy your tickets by August 1st and you can do all this for only $25.00!

Q:  Aren’t you forgetting some questions?

A:  We probably are, but sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.  If we forgot to touch on something, just hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, fax, or whatever works best for you.  We will be sure to answer any questions you might have as quickly as we can.