Springdale – Yawp
Beer Name:  Springdale - Yawp
Beer Style:  APA
Beer ABV:  5.5%
A cry of exultation, frustration or even just agreement, a yawp can take many forms. Find your voice and follow your yawp where it leads; so far, it’s already brought you to this fresh and deftly hopped pale ale with Chinook, El Dorado, Comet, Centennial and Denali.
Southern Tier – Cherry Cordial
Beer Name:  Southern Tier - Cherry Cordial
Beer Style:  Imperial Stout
Beer ABV:  10%
We’re well known for our affection for decadent, flavorful, dessert-like beers which has put us on an endless quest to brew the ultimate indulgence. Our dessert beers are a fusion of flavors, making each of them a perfect pairing when one craves an exceptional stout all of personality.
Firestone Walker – Under Currants
Beer Name:  Firestone Walker - Under Currants
Beer Style:  Ale
Beer ABV:  6.3%
In 2018 we challenged ourselves to using an array of fruit new to our palates and practices. When offered a high quality, freshly picked Black Currant sample, we couldn't resist. We present to you a metamorphosis for your sense. Using 12-36 month aged Agrestic Ale as a base, to which we add1.5lbs/gal Black Currants, the beer undergoes the final maturation in our French Oak "Fruiders" for an additional four months. A convergence of supple tanning and deep purple pigments, gooseberry jam, a month-watering acidity and earthy leather elicit notes of a beer having vinous roots. A new variant to one Barrelworks pioneers is born. Santé!
Abita – To-Gose
Beer Name:  Abita - To-Gose
Beer Style:  Gose
Beer ABV:  4.1%
In New Orleans, to-go cups mean the fun (and the beer) doesn’t always have to stay inside the bar. To-Gose is Abita’s refreshing take on a traditional Gose beer – a slightly salty and sour beer style. Brewed with malted wheat and barley and German Perle Hops, fresh key limes are added during aging to create this sour ale with hints of lime, coriander and sea salt.
Cider Creek – Queen of Tarts
Beer Name:  Cider Creek - Queen of Tarts
Beer Style:  Hard Cider
Beer ABV:  6.9%
This Belgian style cider fruited cider fermented with a Belgian Saison Ale yeast and finished with cranberry and raspberry. This cider has an effervescent bouquet, mild tart notes and a fruity, semi-dry finish.
Jack’s Abby – Hoponius on Holiday
Beer Name:  Jack's Abby - Hoponius on Holiday
Beer Style:  IPL
Beer ABV:  6.5% | IBU: 65
We gave our classic Hoponius Union a tropical fruit twist to create Hoponius on Holiday. This IPL combines cold lager fermentation with a West Coast IPA hop profile. A blend of classic American hops accentuates the tropical fruit flavors and lends a citrusy aroma. A refreshingly crisp finish compliments the pleasant bitterness of the hops and leaves you wanting more.
Jack’s Abby – Cranberry Berliner
Beer Name:  Jack's Abby - Cranberry Berliner
Beer Style:  Lager
Beer ABV:  3.5%
Our ode to summer. By implementing a sour mash procedure in our kettle an intense lactic and sour character emerges, complemented by the addition of cranberries. The beer is then fermented with our lager yeast. Finishes fruity, citrusy, dry, and quite tart.
Springdale – Where Am I?
Beer Name:  Springdale - Where Am I?
Beer Style:  American Double / Imperial IPA
Beer ABV:  8.3%
DIPA dry-hopped with Citra, Idaho 7, Denali and El Dorado. Drink up!