Magic Hat Brewing Co – Jinx
Beer Name:  Magic Hat Brewing Co - Jinx
Beer Style:  Scotch Ale
Beer ABV:  6.3%
An Ale Inspired by Medieval Chemists. Earthy, rich and steeped in autumn's peculiar magic; Jinx is strangely haunted by memories of waning summer and anticipation of that first mysterious frost on freshly abandoned fields. A toast to dancing bonfires and falling leaves, jinx is a medium-bodied scotch ale boasting hints of chocolate and caramel malts with a slightly smoky finish. Brewed with English Pale, Cara, Crystal, Peat Smoked Malt Malts, Apollo, CTZ Hops, English Ale Yeast.
Southern Tier – Harvest Ale
Beer Name:  Southern Tier - Harvest Ale
Beer Style:  Special Ale
Beer ABV:  6.7%
Harvest is brewed with a combination of fresh English hops, cracked barley, and hard work. This is a classic English style Extra Special Bitter of the highest order. Harvest’s deep ruby color envokes a bright autumn mountainside where a warm sweater, a good beer, and the gratitude for the seasons are all you need.

Otter Creek – Oktoberfest
Beer Name:  Otter Creek - Oktoberfest
Beer Style:  Oktoberfest
Beer ABV:  5.5%
Inspired by the classic style, Oktoberfest features German malts and a healthy dose of traditional German noble hops to build a recipe combining a toasty malt presence with the doughy, earthy aromatics of late-addition hops.
Harpoon – Oktoberfest
Beer Name:  Harpoon - Oktoberfest
Beer Style:  Marzen/Octoberfest
Beer ABV:  5.3%
Harpoon Octoberfest is a malty tribute to fall, balanced by a gentle hop bitterness. In keeping with tradition, it is a Marzen-style beer, brewed with abundant quantities of Munich, Chocolate, and Pale malts. Those malts provide a solid, full body and create the beer’s deep color. It is a rich, flavorful beer.
Blue Moon – Mango Wheat
Beer Name:  Blue Moon - Mango Wheat
Beer Style:  Wheat Beer
Beer ABV:  5.4%
Ripe mango aroma, balanced with light biscuit maltiness and wheat and hints of honey sweetness.
Southern Tier – Cold Press Coffee Pumking
Beer Name:  Southern Tier - Cold Press Coffee Pumking
Beer Style:  Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Beer ABV:  8.6%
Cold press coffee is a lengthy process, but it results in a smooth coffee flavor with nutty, cocoa & chocolatey notes. Add these scrumptious tones to Pumking’s biscuity, pumpkin pie spices & you’ve got something extra special for fall. The cold brew process creates a perfectly balanced & distinctively smooth coffee taste. Many coffee beers are made using beans on the hot side- but not Southern Tiers. A cold brew leaves behind the bitter acids and some fatty oils that can lead to a harsher, more vegetal taste transfer, and instead, highlights the roasted, comfortable coffee taste we all love. This, paired with the perfect pumpkin pie spice in ST imperial Pumking ale creates the entire picture in just one sniff and sip.
1911 – Cider Donut
Beer Name:  1911 - Cider Donut
Beer Style:  Cider
Beer ABV:  7%
Hard cider blended with brown sugar and a variety of spices to create a warm, toasty, perfect Fall flavor.
Harpoon – UFO Cranbeery
Beer Name:  Harpoon - UFO Cranbeery
Beer Style:  Hefeweizen
Beer ABV:  4.8%
This hefeweizen is infused with cranberries right from the bogs of Massachusetts. A little tart, a little sweet, and a lot delicious, this cranberry hefeweizen is a refreshing addition to leaf peepin’, hiking, or just hanging out around a camp fire (s’mores encouraged).