Victory Brewing Co – Mighty Things
Beer Name:  Victory Brewing Company - Mighty Things
Beer Style:  Double IPA
Beer ABV:  8.3%
Pours a hazy dark yellow. Huge dank aromatics. Piney and orange rinds. Mango. Tropical. All over the place. Body is luscious with a minor amount of biscuit malt that backs an otherwise huge hop-load. Alcohol is very well hidden, not a touch of booze. A minor bitterness in the finish. One fine DIPA.
Collective Arts Brewing – Gose With Guava
Beer Name:  Collective Arts Brewing - Gose With Guava
Beer Style:  Gose
Beer ABV:  4.9%
Using our core Gose as a base, we added the freshest guava puree we could find and then let the brewers go to work. The end result was a perfect balance of tart, sweet, and sour. Expect the Pink Himalayan Salt and flowery guava to leave you refreshed and wanting more.
Troegs – Blizzard of Hops
Beer Name:  Troegs - Blizzard of Hops
Beer Style:  American IPA
Beer ABV:  6.4%
The hop cycle comes to a close with Blizzard of Hops. As winter creeps in, we salute hop growers around the world. Enjoy the fruits of their labor and savor sticky notes of citrus & pine with this revitalizing winter IPA. #4 of 4 in our Hop Cycle seasonal series.
Big Ditch – Fresh Baked
Beer Name:  Big Ditch - Fresh Baked
Beer Style:  Spiced Brown Ale
Beer ABV:  5.2%
Fresh Baked is a winter ale brewed with chocolate malt, toasted English brown malt, and oats that have been oven toasted right at our brewery. The beer is then finished with subtle touches of cinnamon and vanilla, yielding a toasty, lightly sweet, lightly spiced brown ale reminiscent of fresh baked oatmeal cookies. Yum!
Guinness – 200th Anniversary
Beer Name:  Guinness - 200th Anniversary
Beer Style:  Stout
Beer ABV:  6.0%
Guinness history changed forever in 1817. In that year Benjamin Guinness—Arthur’s son—brewed our first beer with a new roasted grain called black patent malt. His stout recipe laid the foundation for how we would brew for the next 200 years. The same year Benjamin brewed his lovely dark beer, we shipped the first barrels of Guinness to America. To this day, America’s favorite stouts are still brewed at St. James’s Gate. Based on the Guinness brewing logs of 1817, Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout seeks to bring to life the same dark ruby red color and complex flavor of Benjamin’s beer from 200 years ago. Rich and full-bodied with notes of caramel, toffee and sweet chocolate. Smooth-drinking with just the right amount of bitterness. Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout carries on the legacy of 1817 and looks forward to our next 200 years in America.
Southern Tier – Cinnamon Roll
Beer Name:  Southern Tier - Cinnamon Roll
Beer Style:  Imperial Ale
Beer ABV:  8.6%
In this brew, lightly toasted malts with subtly spicy hops blend into cinnamon flavors and creamy lactose sugar. Their coalescence is so uncannily close to fresh baked cinnamon rolls that it was impossible to name this beer anything other than Cinnamon Roll Imperial Ale! Pairs perfectly with eggs benedict at brunch, after dinner, or next to the fire for an unforgettable nightcap.
Magic Hat Brewing Co – Jinx
Beer Name:  Magic Hat Brewing Co - Jinx
Beer Style:  Scotch Ale
Beer ABV:  6.3%
An Ale Inspired by Medieval Chemists. Earthy, rich and steeped in autumn's peculiar magic; Jinx is strangely haunted by memories of waning summer and anticipation of that first mysterious frost on freshly abandoned fields. A toast to dancing bonfires and falling leaves, jinx is a medium-bodied scotch ale boasting hints of chocolate and caramel malts with a slightly smoky finish. Brewed with English Pale, Cara, Crystal, Peat Smoked Malt Malts, Apollo, CTZ Hops, English Ale Yeast.
Southern Tier – Harvest Ale
Beer Name:  Southern Tier - Harvest Ale
Beer Style:  Special Ale
Beer ABV:  6.7%
Harvest is brewed with a combination of fresh English hops, cracked barley, and hard work. This is a classic English style Extra Special Bitter of the highest order. Harvest’s deep ruby color envokes a bright autumn mountainside where a warm sweater, a good beer, and the gratitude for the seasons are all you need.