New Belgium Brut IPA
Beer Name:  New Belgium Brut IPA
Beer Style:  IPA
Beer ABV:  6.7%

Bubbly, dry, crisp, and refreshing, Brut IPA is inspired by our favorite sparkling wines. With hints of tropical fruits and champagne, this effervescent brew is the perfect cheers to the New Year

Pura Still Spiked Still Water
Beer Name:  Pura Still Spiked Still Water
Beer Style:  Spiked Still Water
Beer ABV:  4.5%

The first spiked water that doesn’t need bubbles to keep things interesting. Made with a splash of coconut water and a hint of fruit flavor. Refreshing? Totally. Still? Absolutely.
Flat? Not a chance.

Southern Tier Paradox of the Powerful
Beer Name:  Southern Tier Paradox of the Powerful
Beer Style:  Double IPA
Beer ABV:  8.5%

The swan song of our Science is the Art Collection, Paradox of the Powerful, is hopped six ways from Sunday. We hit it with a dose of Mosaic hops in the kettle on its way to the whirlpool, then we open the floodgates and soak whole flower Mosaic in the hopsack at over 1/2 A pound per barrel. We lace the fermenters with Citra and Simcoe hop duSt over the course of several days to produce juicy tropical flavors and aromas. Notes of grapefruit and berries coupled with low IBU make this a crusher, much like our space heroine.

Resurgence Brut IPA
Beer Name:  Resurgence Brut IPA
Beer Style:  IPA
Beer ABV:  7.4%

Brut IPA – Aroma of sharp citrus rind, white peach, lemon and grape. This beer ferments all the way down for a super effervescent, dry IPA. Fruit character rides across the palate and finishes dry but full of flavor. Perfect for your NYE celebration, this hazy IPA is perfect for your personal champagne room party!

Stone Enjoy By 01.01.19
Beer Name:  Stone Enjoy By 01.01.19 BRÜT IPA
Beer Style:  Double IPA
Beer ABV:  9.4%

What better way to commemorate a fresh start than with an uber-fresh beer? This variant of our Enjoy By IPA series features innovative brewing techniques that give it a bright effervescence and a super-dry finish. It makes for a great craft beer alternative to traditional “bubbles,” and it’s still blasted with enough explosive hop flavor to rival any fireworks display. Enjoy its refreshing notes of citrus and peach before, during or after the holidays... just not TOO long after.

RohrBach – Don’t Be Jelly Porter
Beer Name:  Don't Be Jelly Porter
Beer Style:  Porter
Beer ABV:  7.5%

Don't be jelly… Yes, we have complete freedom to make whatever kind of beer we desire. We could brew a robust English-style Porter loaded with Chocolate and Crystal malts. And yes, we could go nuts by adding gobs of natural peanut butter to create a delicious beer that satisfies several cravings! But don’t be jelly... We'll share

Resurgence – Peter B. Porter
Beer Name:  Peter B. Porter
Beer Style:  Porter
Beer ABV:  5.0%

A delicious peanut butter porter.

Genesee Brew House – Salted Carmel Chocolate Porter
Beer Name:  Salted Carmel Chocolate Porter
Beer Style:  English Porter
Beer ABV:  6.5%

This Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter was brewed in collaboration with Hedonist Artisan Chocolates of Rochester, NY. Hedonist’s hand-crafted chocolates are made in small batches and are meant to spread bliss to those who indulge in their pleasures. Their salted caramels were named "one of the 10 best small-batch chocolate-covered salted caramels” in the country by the New York Times. For more information on Hedonist Artisan Chocolates, visit