2023 Beer Advent Calendar – $89.99

2023 Consumer’s Beverages Beer Advent Calendar – $89.99 (+ tax & deposit)

This creative advent calendar is intended to start on December 1st and mark the 24 days before Christmas. For each day of the month of December, prior to Christmas, you open the corresponding perforation to reveal a unique and tasty beer. For example: on December 18th, you’d open perforation number 18. which reveals a surprise!

This advent case includes 24 different bottles (or can). 

Hint: You’ll find a selection of local beers in it! Some breweries include Other Half, Southern Tier, Troegs, Grimm,  AND MORE!

The advent case is available to pick up in stores ONLY. We do not ship.

The boxes will be available to pick up in store on Tuesday, Nov. 16th, 2023.  

Limited quantity | While supplies last

We are no longer taking submissions for pre-orders!