Beers to Drink on Thanksgiving

Beers to Drink on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m sure everyone already knows what they are going to eat, but does everyone know what they will have to drink? I would like to tell you a few drinks that the employees here at Consumer’s Beverages shared with us.

Chris who is our creative director said that he will drink Flying Bison Buffalo Lager the day before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving. He said it’s just a beer you don’t get sick of. It is a 5.2% ABV – Light bodied golden beer. Buffalo Lager is a great “first beer of the day”. Matches well with lighter tasting foods, milder cheeses or great all on its own. It has a very balanced flavor with a soft, clean finish.

Jon our buyer said he is going to drink Ommegang Hennepin because it really pairs well with turkey and stuffing. This style is a farmhouse ale, and is considered to be in the domain of the Belgian Saisons. Hennepin is a delicious brew for all seasons, especially Fall. It is spicy and refreshing. Hennepin has a crisp start followed by malt sweetness balanced with a firm bitterness. Pouring a bright golden color with a spicy-sweet balance of orange peel, sweet malt, hops and ginger, Hennepin makes way for a dry finish with a slight bite of ginger.

Brad our marketing director said he will be drinking a few different beers because there are just too many great ones to chose from. He said he will start with Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale which is famous for its intense citrus and pine aromas. He will then have Big Ditch Excavator for dinner because it really pairs well with stuffing and mashed potatoes which he can never get enough of. Last but not least, he will have Founders Backwoods Bastard with his pie after dinner.

Amanda our graphic designer said that she will have Longtrail Cranberry Gose because she is a vegetarian and it really pairs well with salad, which she will be having this Thanksgiving. It is brewed with cranberries from the Bluewater Farms in Massachusetts, coriander and a splash of salt. The result is a refreshingly tart and effervescent cranberry concoction built to fuel your warm weather-inspired wanderlust.

Brett our IT guy said he will be drinking UFO Pumpkin which he has been drinking every Thanksgiving since 2011. He loves that it is easy to drink and it leaves a pumpkin aftertaste on the back of your tongue.

Diane our human resource manager said that she will switch between Blackbird Estate Reserve Cider,which is a semi-dry cider with a crisp and refreshing finish, and Cider Creek Saison Reserve Cider, which has moderate tartness and a semi-dry sweetness.

Donna our office manager said that she really enjoys light beers and that she will be drinking just a few Allagash White before dinner. It is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, this beer is fruity, refreshing and slightly cloudy in appearance.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

All of these drinks can be found at Consumer’s Beverages. Now what will you be drinking this Thanksgiving?

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