Empty Container Return Policy

Empty containers must be…

1 – Returned to the designated counter area.
2 – Clean and free of foreign matter in a non-crushed state.
3 – Removed from bags and placed on counter or in trays.
4 – Counted and sorted by us.
5 – *Marked with the “N.Y. 5-cent Deposit”

Please wait for a credit receipt. It will speed your transaction at the register and avoid confusion.
Credit slips MUST be redeemed at the time they are issued.

The law allows a limit of 240 individual loose containers per day. We DO NOT observe this limit, however it is accepted during the first and last half hour of each day.

In the event your empties are excessive, you may be asked to sort them in a different area so as not to tie up the counter.

*Unfortunately some containers are non-redeemable therefore we cannot accept them.

Thank you!