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Tips on tap

At Consumers, we are interested in helping you make the right selection for your Graduation party, Memorial Day picnic, wedding or backyard BBQ. It can be very challenging trying to plan drinks for a party. The weather, length of party and age group will significantly impact what and how much your guests will drink. Here are some helpful tips from the party planning team at Consumers Beverages.

Did you know that kegs come in all different shapes and sizes? Below is a list starting from smallest to largest:

Barrel Size Gallons of Beer Number of Cases 12oz Servings
Eighth Keg 3.875 gal. 1.75 cases 42
Sixth Keg(sixtel) 5.16 gal. 2.625 cases 55
Quarter Keg 7.75 gal. 3.33 cases 83
50 Liter 13.2 gal. 5.875 cases 141
Half Keg 15.5 gal. 6.875 cases 165

How to tap a keg:  The Basics

Handle kegged beer with care

  • Kegged beer is NOT pasteurized. IT MUST BE KEPT COLD AT ALL TIMES.
  • Do not roll the keg.
  • Open the tap faucet quickly and all the way.
  • Only pump the tap when the flow of beer slows down.
  • Only pump the keg tap when the faucet is open, pumping the tap when the faucet is closed will only give you a sore arm and foamy beer.
  • Never pick up a keg by the pump, this will result in both damage to the keg and tap.


Consumer’s never runs out!!  We carry 25lb. and 8lb. bags of ice… always available.

Looking for tasty treats for your special occasion?

charliethebutcherlogoSince 1914, Charlie the Butcher has been carving beef for all of Western New York. In addition to Charlie’s locations in the Ellicott Square Building and at 446 Cayuga Rd., Cheektowaga, enjoy a frothy cold K.C. Brewster Birch Beer at Charlie’s Restaurant on the corner of Cayuga and Wehrle Dr. Cheektowaga.

Charlie the Butcher’s Catering Center
446 Cayuga Rd.
Cheektowaga, NY
And be sure to tell him that Consumer’s sent you…

Make your next party an authentic Buffalo fiesta – beer and soft drinks from Consumer’s Beverages and beef on weck from Charlie’s butcher shop!

Consumers Beverages strongly supports locally owned and operated businesses.