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World Beer Tour 2016

Consumers Beverage’s 4th Annual Beer Tour invites you on a journey of great beer from around the globe. You have one year to try 100 different beers from our handpicked list. Log in here to manage the beers you have tried and see those you havent. Check back often for special announcements and prize incentives! We hope you have fun and learn a lot along the way. Cheers and welcome to the club!


Stop in to one of our convenient Western New York locations and ask to join the World Beer Tour. For $5 you will receive your official World Beer Tour card and World Beer Tour beer list.


The World Beer Tour is a year long challenge to try 100 beers from your Tour Beer List. Each time you purchase a beer from the World Beer Tour Beer List, have your Tour Card scanned at the cash register. Your purchases will then automatically be tallied and added to your individual online progress page. Post reviews, and if you wish, you can choose to post your progress to see how you are doing compared to other World Beer Tour members!


The store you sign up at is considered your “home store”. The first person to reach the finish line at 100 beers at each location is considered that store’s winner and will receive a special prize! All other people to complete the tour before 12-31-2016 deadline will be given a choice of 3 prizes. There is also a “halfway” prize when you reach 50 beers! If that wasn’t enough, we also have Mini-Tours from specific breweries and importers and more will be announced via email. Prizes for completion of the mini-tours will be posted on the Mini-Tours section of the welcome page. Click here for a list of additional rules and FAQ regarding the 2016 Beer Tour